Palm producers in Elche (Alicante)

About UrbaPalms

About UrbaPalms

UrbaPalms was born 27 years ago in Elche (Alicante) with a first plantation of 20,000 canary palms and date palms on our farms. Currently we have more than 200,000 square meters distributed in several plantations located in the southern part of TM Elche. All of them are registered as nurseries by the Management Board of the Board of Trustees of the Palm Grove of Elche and by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Valencian Community.

After so many years working with palm trees we are specialists in the cultivation of these two species. We also produce and sell any other type of palm tree to individuals as well as to companies and Official Organizations, nationally and internationally.

Today we have prepared for sale in root ball a stock of 4,000 Canarian palm trees and 6,000 date palms with trunk heights of 70-80 cm up to 5-6 meters and 5,000 robust Washingtons with trunk heights between 1-10 meters . We also have more than 250 Canary and date palms in containers and baskets of 500 to 1000 liters capacity, with trunk heights of 1-4 meters.

We are registered in the Official Registry of Producers and Operators of phytosanitary defense means of the Valencian Community (ROPO) to be able to serve as advisors to our clients, as well as to farmers and individuals. We have authorization in force to issue phytosanitary passports for all palm trees that are expected to move from our facilities.

We have the knowledge and means necessary to produce and sell palm trees of excellent ornamental quality with all their passports in order and in perfect sanitary condition.




The best native palm nursery in Elche

Our facilities

We have large plantations dedicated to the cultivation of different varieties of palm trees, mainly Canary and date palms and robust Washington. We also have several hectares dedicated entirely to the production of excellent medjoul and confitera dates from date palms in vitro. These palms are sold in small sizes, in 25-liter pots and have a great reception among the public with extraordinary short-term results.

In our central nursery we have a great variety of trees and palm trees at very competitive prices. They will surprise you. From canary or date palms, in vitro palm trees, washingtonias, chamaerops, coconut palms, cycas or the spectacular chorisia speciosa among others.

We present below an extensive photo gallery with some of our products. Hope you like it.

In UrbaPalms we are specialists in the cultivation of palm trees. We have been selling palm trees for more than 25 years throughout Spain and beyond our borders.