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Phoenix Dactylífera

Phoenix Dactylifera

In our plantations we currently have about 6,000 date palms in root ball with trunk heights of 70-80 cm up to 4 meters. We also have a large number of potted date palms with trunk heights from 1 meter to 4 meters.

Date palm is the most common of the Spanish Levante. Tolerates the transplant very well especially if this is done in the months of spring and summer. It is very resistant to low temperatures, adapts to a wide variety of soils and withstands salt-laden waters well.

These palm trees are very slender and ornamental, used to decorate parks, avenues or walks. The daughters that form at the base of the trunk can give rise to groups of great beauty that can be a central element of any garden. The canopy of these palms is less leafy than in the Canarian palm, about 30-50 leaves and a gray-green color.

The inflorescences are very branched and are born from the armpits of the leaves. Female flowers, usually larger than male ones, give rise to the fruit, known as a date, which is an oblong-ovoid-shaped berry. Its surface is smooth and the mesocarp of fleshy consistency. It has important nutritional values and is very sweetening due to its high sugar content.

All our date palms are inspected and fumigated monthly with authorized products. Watering is always done with quality water with a low salt content and for the subscriber we use an animal manure mixed with straw that provides extraordinary nutritional values for its development. With all these actions, and others, we intend to obtain a slender palm, beautiful and in perfect sanitary condition, that meets the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Phoenix Dactylifera Gallery

We show below a photo gallery of our date palms in the two sales formats, root ball and container / basket. Although it is not very normal in this type of palm trees, we also brush the trunk at the request of our customers.

We also have groups of small caliber datum trees with a central trunk height between 1-2.5 meters, with lateral daughters 40-70 cm in trunk length in an amount that can reach up to 7-8 daughters per palm tree.


The quality of our product

From the beginning we carefully take care of the planting process and continue to do so 27 years later. We do not accept anything that does not meet our high standards. What sets us apart from the competition.



UrbaPalms was born about 27 years ago in Elche (Alicante) with a first plantation of 20,000 Canary Palms and Date Palms on our farms.



We are specialists in the cultivation of these two species. We sell to individuals, companies and official organizations at very competitive prices, working both the national and international markets.

Pest free

Pest free

All palm trees are periodically treated with insecticides authorized against red palm weevil and paysandisia archon, the most important pests of the ilicitano palm grove.



We have authorization in force to issue phytosanitary passports for all palm trees that are expected to move from our facilities.


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