Palm producers in Elche (Alicante)

UrbaPalms Palm tree nursery and producer

The wide variety of existing palm trees makes a wide and effective dedication in all species difficult, so we have focused mainly on the production of the Canary and date palm and robust Washington. We are specialized in obtaining the highest quality in our products so you can always enjoy the best result.


We are producers of palm trees.

Our production

Our production focuses mainly on 4 large blocks: the Canarian palm, the date palm, the robust Washington and the excellent medjoul and confitera dates from in vitro palm trees. We also have a wide variety of trees and palm trees available to our clients such as coconut palm, chamaerops or washingtonia filifera among others.

Phoenix Canariensis

Single trunk palm, thick, straight. They can reach heights of 20 meters and up to 80-90 cm in diameter in the trunk, covered with the remains of the bases of old leaves. The Phoenix Canariensis or Canarian Palm is a plant native to the Canary Islands and is widely used throughout the Mediterranean area as an ornamental plant. It is probably the most decorative species of the entire family of Palmáceas.

Phoenix Canariensis

Phoenix Dactylífera

Slender palm with a thin trunk, with daughters at its base giving rise to groups of great beauty. They can reach heights of 30 meters and 40-50 cm in diameter in the trunk, covered with the remains of the bases of old leaves. Very used as an ornamental plant and for its production of dates, although only a small percentage give quality dates. Resistant to high temperatures and withstands high dry seasons.


Phoenix Dactylifera


The best native palm nursery in Elche

The quality of our product

From the beginning we carefully take care of the planting process and continue to do so 27 years later. We do not accept anything that does not meet our high standards. What sets us apart from the competition.



UrbaPalms was born about 27 years ago in Elche (Alicante) with a first plantation of 20,000 Canary Palms and Date Palms on our farms.



We are specialists in the cultivation of these two species. We sell to individuals, companies and official organizations at very competitive prices, working both the national and international markets.

Pest free

Pest free

All palm trees are periodically treated with insecticides authorized against red palm weevil and paysandisia archon, the most important pests of the ilicitano palm grove.



We have authorization in force to issue phytosanitary passports for all palm trees that are expected to move from our facilities.

What our customers say

Our clients are the most important for us. Every palm tree that we sell, we make sure with it that our high expectations have been met and we advise you on all your doubts and needs in the maintenance of the purchased product. What they say about us.

Marta García

Event Coordinator

We condition our land to always give a local and welcoming touch to our events. The set of palm trees that we acquired in UrbaPalms for the center of our lounge is perfect. We would repeat without a doubt.

Jose Miguel

Owner of the company Jardineria y Forestaciones Mallorquinas SL of Palma

As head of one of the most important nurseries in Palma de Mallorca I always look for the highest quality in the palm trees I buy and a very competitive price. I have been buying palm trees in Urbapalms for 4 years, I am delighted with the value of their products and I do not plan to change suppliers

Lorenzo Guerra

Technical Architect and Project Director of the Camping El Delfin Verde de Gerona

Our Camping is one of the largest in Europe and we are filling it with palm trees for the enjoyment of all the people who visit it. In Viveros Urbapalms we have found the perfect company to supply us with all the palm trees we need. They are very serious and great professionals and in 5 years we have been working has never failed us.

Felipe Pedrell

Garden Manager

Both the treatment and the quality of its products have been unbeatable. I will contact them again whenever I need their services. Thanks Urbapalms.

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20 March 2021

On January 30-31, 2020 we had a new phytosanitary inspection in the field produced by the Tragsa company of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. It is a control that is made every 6 months to palm Producers and Traders [...]

30 October 2018

The red weevil (Rynchophorus ferrugineus) is a curculionido (beetle) and the Paysandisia archon is a lepidopter (butterfly). Both pests are the main scourge of the Ilicitano Palm, attacking a great variety of palm trees such as the Date Palm, Trachycarpus fortunei, [...]

14 February 2018

We have for sale more than 1000 palm tree in vitro of the variety Medjoul presented in pots of 30 liters (measures of the pot 35x35 cm). All are female and all produce dates of excellent quality. They are very fat dates [...]