Palm producers in Elche (Alicante)
In Vitro Palms sold in 15 liter pots

In Vitro palm trees are sold in 30 liter pots

14 February 2018

We have for sale more than 1000 palm tree in vitro of the variety Medjoul presented in pots of 30 liters (measures of the pot 35x35 cm). All are female and all produce dates of excellent quality. They are very fat dates, with a lot of meat, a small bone and very sweet. They have nothing to do with the dates of the ornamental date palms seen by the walks and gardens. These palm tree have been created exclusively for the production of dates and their quality advises.

They can be eaten in strawberry, just taken from the palm tree, but they are perishable and endure a few days at room temperature once collected, due to their content in water. They can also be kept cold or even frozen for several weeks or months and then defrosted at room temperature or better with the refrigerator's cold. These dates also have nothing to do with dates that come from North Africa which is a dry, semi-dry or dehydrated date, like a raisin. They have no moisture, it is all sugar and they are too cloying on the palate.

These in vitro palm tree presented in 30 liter pots have a trunk height of 10-20 cm and once transplanted to the ground they can take 2-3 years to start producing. About the eighth year they are already in full production.